Sons of Norway

On January 16, 1895 in Minneapolis, 18 Norwegian immigrants banded together to provide financial support for each other in case death or illness caused their families financial hardships. Their group became the Sons of Norway, and over time they became a social, as well as financial, insurance network.

The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and to preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic Countries, and provide quality insurance and financial products to our members. Read more at our International Sons of Norway web page.

The Bellingham Lodge was founded in 1927, when 24 Norwegians gathered at The Leopold Hotel and named their lodge after Henrik Wergeland, Norway's much-loved national poet.

The Sons of Norway has over 60,000 members across the United States, Canada, and Norway who belong to over 400 locally-governed lodges. Wergeland Lodge 2-21 is a member of SON District 2. Find out more about District 2 at their web page.

It's easy to join Wergeland Lodge.
Any applicant, who shows a great interest in the objectives and purposes of Sons of Norway, regardless of nationality, may be accepted into membership.
Just give us a call (see contact page) and let's talk!

We believe fellowship is a key component of who we are. Sons of Norway is an organization where members come together in celebration of Norwegian heritage and culture. Through our lodge system you can make new friends, reconnect with old friends and be a part of a community that shares your interests.

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